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First Snow

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Happy Second Birthday, Mari Bea!

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So, once again, we have fallen off the intended habit of regularly posting (writing)  on our family blog. Apologies. But now it’s time to do some catching up!

On Sunday, September 14th, we celebrated our sweet Mari Beatrice turning two years old. It was a fun birthday party with mostly family and (“god-sister”–or maybe “god-cousin”?) Baby Nora, who we absolutely love to play with whenever we get the chance. For those of you who don’t know, “Baby Nora” is our goddaughter–daughter of Jessica and Leo–and is about the same size as Mari herself, but will likely remain forever titled “Baby Nora” because she was born right at the start of our girls’ baby fever phase, in which they are still active. In fact, every time they play babies, the baby’s name is Baby Nora, and for a while, Mari would tell strangers her name was Nora.

Anyway, our tiny Bea is still tiny. She is growing well but is a bit short, like her mom. Her head continues to be large. Her smile continues to be the most winsome many claim to have ever seen. Her big brown eyes almost always sparkle, and she is finally starting to grow some real hair, which is turning out to be roughly the same color as mom’s. Her good cheer is indelible (she will often grin through her tears) and her affection and excitement about life catching. She has more and more words each week, forming comprehensible sentences now and using vocal expression like a pro. Her favorite phrases lately are, “I can DO it!” and “Ok, I will!” She’s also developed a strong sense of knowing when she doesn’t want to do something, and we have begun to see a glimpse of the other side of our happy girl: she can throw a tantrum and scream in rage with the best of them.

Her liveliness and adventuresome spirit are a joy to watch. Mari, your dad and I love you so, so much and are so proud of the big girl you are becoming. Here’s to another great year growing together!

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Little Climber

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Bedtime Story

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Autumn Chill

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Happy Birthday, Mari!

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Quotes from the Girls

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Genna: “I’m a strong girl. I have strong arms, strong legs, strong toes, and strong toenails”.

Mari calls goldfish crackers, “crackerfish”.

Genna calls hand sanitizer, “hanitizer”.

Mari’s word for “I’m naked” is “a-naykanay”.

Me: Genna, do you think I’m a good singer?
Genna: No… You not a good singer. But you a good man.

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