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Recent Firsts

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In the past couple of weeks, Mike and I have been witness to a few “firsts” that have felt significant enough to us to be, well, significant. In no particular order:

  1. I just realized we have not posted anything on our blog yet about the fact that we are expecting our third child. Oopsie-daisy. Sorry about that. Yes! We are having another sweet little one, due in early April (April 8th is the official due date, for those of you who like to know). And here is the “first” in this…IT’S A BOY! We had our 20-week sonogram the week before Thanksgiving and saw definitive evidence of the male sex. I mean definitive.  …We are very excited to meet this little guy when he decides to debut, and can’t wait to see how our family dimension changes and expands as this fifth person grows into it. Welcome, little boy! We already love you so much!
  2. Genevieve and Mari had their first “sleepover” experience, as in, they got to party hardy with little people their own age and didn’t see mom and dad again until late the next morning. This adventure was provided by our generous (and somewhat bafflingly courageous) brother and sister-in-law, and the kids in the scene were our sweet nieces and nephews. It’s no small feat to warmly suggest/offer/invite a two year old and a three year old to spend the night at your house when you already have four little ones of your own under age 4.5. I know. Crazy and awesome at the same time, eh? They got to have pizza for dinner, munchy snacks and hot cocoa during their “movie” (Pooh bear–about 30 minutes long, maybe?), a fancy breakfast, and of course plenty of play time that night and the next morning.

    First cousin sleepover: watching Pooh's adventures

    First cousin sleepover: watching Pooh’s adventures

  3. This also brought a new awareness to Mike and I of the love/hate relationship all parents surely must have with sleepovers. We experienced the joy and freedom of having no (outside the womb) children for a good 19 hours or so, but for the first time in what will likely be many times, we also experienced the crash and burn of the rest of the weekend that results after such frivolity and excitement for our kids. Don’t get me wrong; we did not regret it. Our girls had a great time and so did we. We will be hosting our own sleepover for the cousins soon, too. But it was a glimpse into what it will be like for years to come, and I suddenly had a new appreciation (and apologetic understanding?) for my parents’ times in dealing with me in middle school and high school when I was out too late with friends. Uff da.
  4. Genevieve received her first-ever school pictures. And they are SO CUTE. Obviously, I’m biased when it comes to things like this, but man. That little girl is adorable and I’m not afraid to admit it, people. I definitely teared up a bit when I first saw the photos. I had to resist ordering magnets, mugs, calendars, and t-shirts made with them. Just kidding. Kind of.
  5. Genevieve also made her first “I want ___” statements. As in, “I want you to buy ____ for me!” This was an unfortunate byproduct of mistakenly strolling through the toy area of Target with the girls a couple of weekends ago. We were looking for gifts for other people, and whoops. There was the Frozen aisle. “I want a Princess Elsa dress! And a Princess Elsa wand!” ensued multiple times daily for the next few days. Finally, mom had to bust out another first with which to fire back: “Ok, honey. I heard you. We’ll make sure Santa knows that and maybe you’ll get that for Christmas.”
  6. Yup. Santa has also entered our world now, for real, for the first time. We try to not make a big deal out of it, but I’m not going to lie about the fact that sometimes I have to use that good old “Santa’s watching” leverage when the girls are being particularly assertive in their independence. (Read: “not listening to their parents.”) Two and three year olds disregarding parents’ wishes? Astonishing.
  7. Next week, Genevieve will have her very first school Christmas concert. Preschoolers in their finest holiday garb, singing Christmas songs in front of an audience, and our little girl among them. I don’t know if I will be able to handle it.

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