Check out these blogs written by our friends and family:

  • The House on Winslow – Mike’s brother, John, and his wife write about their family.
  • Reader’s Diary – Mike’s dad writes brief reviews of every book he reads.
  • Homer’s Travels – Bruce, husband of Mike’s godmother, writes about life in Omaha and his travels to Spain, amongst other places.
  • Margin of Victory – An in-depth look at board games with writing from Mike’s brother and other contributors.
  • NotManhattan Photography – Kabrina, a friend of Mike’s in New York City, posts photos from anywhere but Manhattan.
  • The Open Jaw – Mike’s friends, Matt & Kabrina, write about their world travels.
  • Entertain Me or Else – Hallie’s brother comments on books, music and life in general.
  • JaymeJo: Art, Food & Fascinations – Hallie’s friend Jayme, a talented artist, writes about art, travel and food.

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